Documentum and Documentum AX (OTG) Conversions

//Documentum and Documentum AX (OTG) Conversions
Documentum and Documentum AX (OTG) Conversions2019-06-19T14:55:59+00:00

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4matix has successfully converted many Documentum and ApplicationXtender systems (Formerly ECM – Now part of the OpenText catalog of products). We have converted data from the Flagship Documentum products as well as those originally from OTG – ApplicationXtender AX, COLD Extender and ERMX. We have successfully converted all the AX COLD compression types – low, medium and high. Converted COLD data will get delivered as complete reports in the original ASCII format. We have also successfully written and converted AX annotation data.

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Recent Documentum conversions include:

  • Five (5) Documentum D6 Systems to OnBase – Research
  • ApplicationXtender (AX) to OnBase – University
  • ApplicationXtender (AX) to OnBase (Image and COLD) – Financial Services
  • ApplicationXtender (AX) to OnBase (PDF and Image) – Credit Union
  • Documentum D5 to OnBase (Image and Office Documents)
  • ApplicationXtender (AX) to Proprietary in-house System (Image and COLD)
  • Documentum 6.5 (Trusted Services) + Nolij to OnBase – Higher Education

A special note: AX allows pages of documents and parts of reports to be stored separately on different optical surfaces / platters / files. We will aggregate this data and deliver COMPETE documents / reports.