Source:  FileNet IS (Optical)

Target:  In-house CRM

This customer realized their internal FileNet conversion failed in meeting its objectives.  They were failing to meet SLA’s and causing staffing problems. They experienced missing documents, missing pages of documents and invalid files.  These errors were encountered frequently and the scope of the problem could not be quantified.  Needing an alternative solution – they reached out to us for assistance.

Approximately 6TB’s of FileNet data needed to be converted and reconciled from over 700 optical platters.  The single page FileNet data was extracted and converted into multi-page TIFF files and imported into their enterprise CRM application.  During the project we provided on-demand to requested documents so the customer could fulfill their contractual obligations.

We reconciled all their data down to the page level once processing was completed.  We identified documents listed in their databases that did not exist on platters and devised a method to let their users understand this.  The solution was the delivery of a single image file stating “Not found in FileNet – Document does not Exist” for all the missing entries. Users now understood that a missing file was from the source system and not a conversion related anomaly.

Are you supporting a legacy or out-of-support ECM platform?  Do you have optical platters offsite in storage for that “what if” moment?  Give us a call.  We will help you confidently sunset your old system and move your data to a current ECM system or hosted online repository.

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