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2.  Raw Data Reference

3.  Email Reference Response:

This is reference your request for information regarding 4matix.

I enthusiastically recommend 4matix.

We are a VAR for several document management and workflow solutions.

We have worked with 4matix on several very large document/systems conversion projects, most recently last year in the conversion of a hospital system to one of the products we install and integrate.

4matix completed the translation of the documents and database indexes from the previous system to digital files and import files that we then imported into our management system. In the process, we relied upon 4matix for their expert guidance in options and procedures.

4matix did a great job for us. The test and production completion/response times were actually just about twice as fast as they had promised, and the delivered data and files were all of excellent quality.

Our customer came back with a series of “Oh, by the way” adjustments in mid-course. These adjustments were all serious in magnitude and required 4matix to devise and complete major changes in their output. Each time, 4matix responded cheerfully, and within a few days had reworked their database and provided a new set of tapes for the affected file sets.

After project completion, our customer came back again, twice, with a series of document types that they needed broken out differently from what they had originally asked for. 4matix again responded within a few days.

Though they could have, and should have, 4matix did not request additional funds for any of this rework – all of which was definitely out of scope of the signed agreement.

After a full review, our customer did not find any errors in the delivered data and products.

We intend to use 4matix in the future, and I recommend them without reservation.

Please let me know if you need more info, or want to talk.

Senior Systems Engineer – Project Manager

4.  Taken from an RFP Reference request form:

And Yes 4matix did a wonderful job for Tektronix, everything got imported with no issues and matched with FileNET 100% – the trick is your clients need to know what they have today and want in future.

We ran queries against the legacy FileNet system and the new ECM system to verify that all the data to be converted was converted and successfully imported. The results of this were 100% accuracy.

Business Systems Analyst – End User