Do you need to convert or migrate your legacy AX data Safely, Securely and Quickly to a new Repository – we can Help!

Recent AX Conversion Success Stories:

  • ApplicationXtender to OnBase CLOUD – Full Annotations
  • ApplicationXtender (AX) to OnBase – University
  • ApplicationXtender (AX) to OnBase (Image and COLD) – Financial Services
  • ApplicationXtender (AX) to OnBase (PDF and Image) – Credit Union
  • ApplicationXtender (AX) to Proprietary in-house System (Image and COLD)
  • ApplicationXtender (AX) to OnBase Online – Image – COLD – Annotations
  • ApplicationXtender (AX) to OnBase (Image and COLD – from Optical) Credit Union

AX Conversion Services:

  • Conversion from Magnetic or Optical Repository
  • Convert .bin files to native underlying file type (TIFF, PDF, etc.)
  • Decompress COLD data
  • Convert Annotation data
  • Match application metadata to documents for turnkey import ready solution
  • Provide full migration accounting/reconciliation before decommission


4matix has working with ApplicationXtender since the early 2000’s when it was owned by OTG.  We have successfully converted many AX systems (formerly Legato – Documentum – EMC – and now part of OpenText) to a variety of ECM platforms.

AX was and still is a very popular application in many verticals.  Most of our conversions have been in the Financial Services (Banks and Credit Unions), Government, Education and Energy and Gas sectors.  That said, we can convert legacy AX data from any vertical or horizontal business function.    Being an older ECM product, AX often utilized optical platters as a primary storage medium and many of our conversions have been from optical (5 1/4″).

We have found that AX customers utilized COLD in many of their installations, a core component of AX.  We have had great success converting AX COLD data, a service that differentiates us from others.  COLD data decompresses at anywhere from 5-10 to 1 and gets delivered back as formatted ASCII.   COLD data can then be COLD processed into a new ECM platform or imported as a complete document into any repository or long term storage application.

Another often used feature in AX is annotations.  Customer’s utilization of annotations has made them a critical part of the business record.  These annotations need to be maintained with the underlying document.  We can convert these annotations (such as stamps, highlights, text, notes, redactions, etc.) into a format that can be utilized in another ECM application.  We have delivered live annotation data, or annotation layers (not burned into an image) into such systems as OnBase, FileNet, AX, ORACLE UCM and Docuware.

Please take a moment and fill out or brief questionnaire so we can arrange a call with you and your team to discuss how you can replace your AX system while keeping all your legacy index, document, COLD and annotation data.  Our process will ensure that your have a full accounting/reconciliation of all your data, regardless of type, before you decommission your legacy environment.

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