ECM Data Conversion and Migration Services

4matix provides customers and partners turnkey solutions to their data/document conversion requirements.

If you are purchasing a replacement ECM system, consolidating silos of information, or involved in merger, acquisition or divestiture – we can build a solution to migrate, re purpose and convert your existing document data quickly and efficiently with complete auditing and reconciliation. If you are converting a few hundred thousand documents – or hundreds of millions – our thoroughly tested process can provide you peace of mind.

We are a vendor neutral solutions provider and have extensive experience working with many of today’s leading software platforms.

We have converted documents into and out of most popular ECM platforms (OnBase, Unisys, FileNet, ORACLE, Docuware, Google Drive, FileBound, Optika, IPM, VisiFLOW, IBM CM, OpenText, Documentum, Global360, AX, etc.) as well as some highly specialized custom applications. This is all possible because of our rich conversion background and internally developed and tested tools. Our engineering staff has experience solving a wide variety of conversion related issues such as:

  • Proprietary optical formats
  • Proprietary image formats
  • Compressed COLD algorithms
  • Database mapping and document assembly

Our Process Is:

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Customizable
  • Scalable
  • Risk Averse: NO system downtime, incremental license fees, extended maintenance costs or performance degradation
  • Safe and secure
  • Thoroughly tested
  • Repeatable
  • Run by the engineers who wrote the software – not technicians

Whether you are converting documents from your existing system to save money, enhance performance, pick-up feature function, increase usability, or for business line application (LOB) integration – our customized conversion solutions can help you reach your goals!

Supported Formats

We have a customized set of proprietary tools written to perform large volume data migrations. These constantly updated tools along with our specialized procedures and workflows enable us to offer a highly customized service to our customers and partners.

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Conversion Process

  • Data Collection
  • Database Processing
  • Data Interchange Test (DIT)
  • Production Delivery
  • Delta Conversion
  • Reconciliation
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Media Types

In proving high volume digital data conversions – we have an extensive understanding of the many types of media Imaging and COLD systems have utilized over the years. We support many types of media and formats.

Supported Media Types:
Optical Platters:

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Below please find links to our e-brochure and Conversion Services Questionnaire. We have created the questionnaire to help prospective customers provide us with specific job related information so that we can assist them in customizing a solution.

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Project Descriptions

  • Healthcare System
    (FileNet to OnBase)
  • Insurance Company
    (ImageRight conversion)
  • Mutual Insurance Company
    (IBM Optical Conversion)
  • State Pension System
    (FileNet Optical to UCM)
  • BCBS Organization
    (OnBase to IBM CM)
  • Court System
    (VisiFLOW to OnBase +redactions)
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