FileNet Image Services MSAR Extraction Service

/FileNet Image Services MSAR Extraction Service

FileNet Image Services MSAR Extraction Service

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FileNet MSAR / OSAR Extraction Only Service Offering

Intended Audience:

The target for this service is Systems Integrators, OEMs, VARS and end users who do not require a full-service turnkey conversion service. These companies will be able to map indexes to extracted documents from MSAR or OSAR surfaces. They will be able to build multipage documents if required as well as convert TIFF to PDF if required. They will also be able to reconcile objects to the database(s) from Image Services.

Service For:

– FileNet Image Services* – any version.

– Either from MSAR or OSAR

* Includes Sovera and FileNet based versions of Unisys InfoImage

 Delivery Format:

Extracted data will be placed on to media in a format similar to this:






(Optical output will be in directories by surface number)

 An ASCII index file (or multiple files) will be included with each delivery and will include doc_id, page and path information.






All identifiable files will be given their appropriate extension such as .TIF, .PDF, .JPG, .TXT, etc. ERM data will get a .txt extension and will be passed through as is – unidentifiable objects (if any) will keep their .fob extension or get another mutually agreeable one.


– MSAR surfaces copied to portable media such as Addonics Hardware Encrypted eSATA / USB 3.0 drives.

– Tranlog or Primary optical platters


– Addonics Hardware Encrypted USB drives

– Other mutually agreeable media.

* All regulated data including HIPAA data must be on encrypted media.


Call or email for pricing. 


 Delivery rates are targeted at 1-2 TB’s per week provided enough data is on-hand. The extraction is designed to be a continuous process.