4matix is in the business of doing one thing and one thing only – providing turnkey custom conversions between ECM platforms.  Our philosophy is the have organizations focus on what they do well – be it a software company selling ECM products, a capture company providing scanning services or an end user customer running their business.  This is our only business and we take pride in doing it well for every customer that comes through the door.  Our service is provided on a fixed fee basis and is often provided along with the offerings of ECM software companies and or their resellers and vars.

A data conversion is an important one time cost of switching systems and is critical to the success of any replacement project.  Companies have spent a tremendous amount of time and money in capturing, indexing, storing and managing this data and should choose a conversion vendor based on experience and depth of knowledge instead of simply price.

What to expect:

Our conversions are done away from the end users production environment on dedicated hardware using dedicated conversion software. This process ensures that the day-to-day use of a customer’s ECM system will not be compromised by an ongoing conversion or migration.  Taking the conversion burden away from the production environment can have many benefits, time, cost, performance and risk mitigation top the list.  Most ECM systems were built as scan, store and retrieve applications with some providing workflow.  A conversion is more than simply exporting an object or converting one file type to another.

We provide a warranty for all of our work and provide a verification and approval process so our customers understand exactly what they are receiving from us.  When we sign on for a conversion we take full responsibility for getting it done correctly.