We have a unique set of proprietary data conversion software tools and procedures developed and consistently updated to optimize high volume ECM data conversions. These tools and procedures were specifically developed for ECM digital conversions and give us a significant advantage in performing these jobs correctly and on-time.

The engineers who developed our software run our conversions. An engineer runs each conversion job with an assigned project manager. This team approach provides the best results for our partners and customers. Each customer will have a dedicated project manager responsible for the successful delivery of their data. The project manager can work directly with the end user customer or with their software company / systems integrator.

A disc is ready to be operated in the picture

Sample ECM Environments we have converted from:

IBM — FileNet Image Services*, FileNet P8*, FileNet CS*, FileNet Report Manager, IBM Content Manager* (CM), IBM Image +, Visual Info, Watermark

OpenText (Global360) — Eastman*, ViewStar, Keyfile, KoFile, Alchemy, Hummingbird, Case360, Execute360

OpenText/EMC — Documentum, AX – ApplicationXtender*^”, ERMX (OTG), DX,

ORACLE — IPM, Optika Accorde, Optika FP Multi”, ORACLE 10G

Unisys — InfoImage* (12″ and 5 ¼” Optical) includes ds/dv

Hyland Software — OnBase (Image and COLD)*

Healthcare — CGI Sovera*, McKesson, Eclipysis, 3M SoftMed Chartscan, Replica, SolCOMM

Insurance — SolCOM, ImageRight

Other — VisiFLOW*, Metafile, DST, WANG, Microbank, Lanier, COINS, PCI Reports, SER/Macrofiche, Anacomp, DocStar, DocFinity, MIMS, LaserFiche*, Docuware, TASC, Optix, Mercury

* We have successfully delivered annotation data from these systems

^ We can convert all three variations (low, medium and high compression) of AX (OTG) COLD

” These applications allow pages of documents and parts of reports to be stored separately on different optical surfaces / platters. We will aggregate this data and deliver COMPETE documents / reports.”

Though your particular software application may not be listed above, we invite you to fill out our questionnaire and send us a sample, free of charge. We have engineered solutions for many ECM applications. Once we develop the tools for a specific format conversion, they are inserted into our specialized conversion process. It is our consistent process, reporting and engineering standards that provide customers with high speed, high quality conversions. Though each conversion is specialized, our time tested processes and methodology assure results. Want to learn more about our Conversion Process  – please click the link or give us a call to discuss your project.

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