Successful Fortis and FileMagic Conversions:

  • Fortis to OnBase (multiple)
  • Fortis to ApplicationXtender
  • FileMagic to ApplicationXtender
  • Fortis to Homegrown – PDF and CSV File

You have Options!

Faced with a decision to “upgrade” your Fortis system or replace it outright?  When a system gets displaced or sunset it provides a great opportunity to reevaluate your existing platform and processes and to look to the market for new and improved solutions.   Don’t let the migration of this legacy data (.MAG) hold you back from making the correct long-term decision.  You will be living with your new ECM platform for five – ten – maybe 2o  years – so make sure you make the right long-term organizational decision.

The data you have in your Fortis system is valuable and this conversion should not be taken lightly – but know there are alternatives to simply upgrading.  Your Fortis data can be converted and delivered for import into a wide range of ECM or File Sync and Share Applications.

We have doing Fortis migrations (including FileMagic) for many years.  We have done these conversions to a variety of platforms most recently ApplicationXtender and OnBase.  Please take a moment to fill out our quick questionnaire to learn about your options to migrate this data.

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