Recent Success
  • Unisys InfoImage Migration Success Stories:

    • InfoImage to FileNet P8 –  2.2TB’s – Centera with Annotations (DS/DV)
    • InfoImage to ApplicationXtender (AX) 34M pages with annotations
    • InfoImage to Google Drives (DS/DV)
    • InfoImage to OnBase with annotations – 12″ Optical
    • InfoImage to OnBase – (DS/DV)
    • InfoImage to OnBase with annotations (DS/DV)
    • InfoImage to Alfresco with annotations (DS/DV)
    • InfoImage to ORACLE 11G with annotations* (dv and ds files)*Though ORACLE 11G does not have annotation import specifications we were still able to create import files mapping the legacy Unisys annotations into the ORACLE solution.


4matix has successfully migrated Unisys InfoImage from:

  • Magnetic Storage (Static and Variable files – DS|DV)
  • CAS – Centera
  • 12″ Optical Platters
  • 5 1/4″ Optical Platters

InfoImage was built around the old Eastman Imaging platform and utilizes the same DS and DV files. We deliver converted DS files as:

  • Single page TIFF
  • Multi-page TIFF
  • PDF
  • JPEG

Some information in the DV file controls the delivery of DS file data – such as page rotation and page suppression.  DV file data can be delivered as well, including :

  • Forms
  • Office Documents
  • PDF’s
  • Workflow history
  • Document level notes
  • Page level annotations (sticky notes, redactions, highlights, text, stamps, etc.)

We have a wide range of experience working with InfoImage data and delivering this converted data to a variety of platforms (OnBase, FileNet, ApplicationXtender, DocFinity, Alfresco, ORACLE and Google)  Please fill out our questionnaire to your right so we can walk you through the process of moving ALL your InfoImage data to a new ECM platform.

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