OpenText / Global360 / eiStream Data Conversions and Migrations

//OpenText / Global360 / eiStream Data Conversions and Migrations
OpenText / Global360 / eiStream Data Conversions and Migrations2018-08-27T23:49:26-04:00

Recent Successful Execute360 Migration: Execute360-ORACLE 11G

We have worked with a long list of products now under the OpenText umbrella; ViewStar, Eastman (DS DV), KoVis, Keyfile, Execute360, Hummingbird, Alchemy, Livelink, Case360 to name several. We have successfully converted data from optical, magnetic and CD based storage.


OpenText purchased Global360, among other organization, which had previously purchased many different ECM companies and platforms over the years. 4matix has successfully migrated data from the above products to a variety of new platforms to include OnBase, FileNet, Optika – ORACLE, Documentum and some other proprietary home grown applications. Some of these conversions also included the migration of annotations.

Though operating under one name (either OpenText, Global360 or eiStream) each product is unique and thus has different product features, database attributes and storage characteristics. For example a ViewStar conversion and an Eastman (DS-DV files – static and variable file) conversion are very different. We have years of experience working with these products (Global360 versions as well as original versions) and can assist you in properly identifying the scope and requirements for a successful conversion.

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4matix Opentext/Global360/eiStream Conversions:

  • ViewStar to FileNet IS – Manufacturer
  • ViewStar to OnBase – State Government
  • Eastman (DS & DV) to OnBase with annotations – Retirement Fund
  • Eastman (DS & DV) to Documentum (AX) with annotations – Hospital System
  • Eastman (DS & DV) to ORACLE 11G with annotations – Nuclear Power Company
  • Execute360 to Custom Xerox Solution – Insurance Company
  • Keyfile to OnBase
  • KoVis to FileNet IS – State Medicaid System
  • Alchemy to Documentum AX
  • Alchemy to OnBase
  • Hummingbird to Proprietary

Note that some versions of Unisys InfoImage are built from the Eastman platform and have the DS DV files.