Unisys InfoImage Data Conversions / Migrations

//Unisys InfoImage Data Conversions / Migrations
Unisys InfoImage Data Conversions / Migrations2019-02-20T18:06:06+00:00

All versions – Image and annotations
From Optical Platters and Magnetic storage


All versions – Image and annotations
From Optical Platters and Magnetic storage

Update:  4matix recently completed  Unisys InfoImage (Centera) to FileNet P8 Conversion with annotations.  More to come later….

4matix has successfully migrated both the UNIX and NT Versions of Unisys InfoImage. In both cases we have delivered converted annotation data. The UNIX version of InfoImage is discussed briefly on our FileNet page.  For those of you with the NT version of InfoImage you will be familiar with DV and DS files (variable and static files respectively).

We convert the DS files into single page TIFF, multi-page TIFF or PDF.  We  also deliver data stored in the DV files – this can include things like forms, Office Documents, Workflow history, and document and page level annotations.

Each version of InfoImage has its own unique characteristics as they were built on two different company’s platforms. We have a wide range of experience working with InfoImage on each platform and have converted many over the years.

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Some Past Examples:

  • InfoImage to FileNet P8 – From Centera with Annotations (DS/DV)
  • InfoImage to ApplicationXtender (AX) 34M pages with annotations – FileNet based
  • InfoImage to OnBase with annotations – FileNet Based
  • InfoImage to OnBase – (DS/DV)
  • InfoImage to OnBase with annotations (DS/DV)
  • InfoImage to Alfresco with annotations (DS/DV)
  • InfoImage to ORACLE 11G with annotations* (dv and ds files)*Though ORACLE 11G does not have annotation import specifications we were still able to create import files mapping the legacy Unisys annotations into the ORACLE solution.