Source:  Global360 – Eastman (DS | DV)

Target:     ORACLE Web Center Imaging

The Customer was looking to replace their Global 360 System (Eastman) with an up-to date modern Imaging application.  This application needed to support processing of AP Invoices, including workflow and integration with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), as well as support the ability to convert their legacy data from Global360 to meet their long-term storage requirements.  They reached out to All Star Software Systems who implemented Kofax to capture and extract data from paper invoices as well as Oracle Web Center Imaging for content storage and AP Invoice workflow in 2012-2013.

Phase two of the implementation included the requirement to convert and deprecate the legacy Global 360 system.  The conversion requirement was for all image data, forms, excel attachments as well as page-based annotations.  All Star engaged their partner, 4matix, to provide the data migration service. The Customer has unique regulatory requirements for record retention (50 years) and by eliminating Global 360, they will save significant maintenance, IT and support costs over this time.

4matix worked closely with All Star and the customer to build the right conversion solution.  The solution was unique in that there were a variety of object types that all had to be tied together at import time.  This Customer extensively used annotations, all of which needed to be migrated into the Oracle solution.  Each system’s annotation palette and associated properties were different, requiring several creative solutions to ensure that the intent of each Global360 annotation was properly conveyed in Web Center Imaging.   Additionally, the conversion had to meet a timeline and also required a 100% data load test in development to ensure there were no short- or long-term impacts on their existing process, Oracle EBS and processing speed.

Customer Day-to-Day Project Manager “The user verification has been completed successfully. Thank you so much for all your help!  Specially thanks Dave Sagendorf, he is very knowledgeable, hardworking and did great job!  Also, could you pass my thanks to the 4matix conversion team, they did an excellent job!”

Systems ManagerThanks for all your effort to complete this legacy images conversion project successfully.  This was a good example of various teams’ collaboration along with All Star Vendor.  As you all know this project will save several hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating the legacy Global 360 imaging system, which we were to keep for next 40 years.  Oracle Web Center Imaging is going to be the new source for the all the legacy AP and GA images. Thanks for your excellent work, job well done.”

4matix Contact:
David Blackburn
VP Sales

All Star Software Systems Contact:
Paul Pitts
Vice President

About 4matix:
4matix is an industry-leading provider of ECM data conversions. We provide conversions from large document imaging and COLD repositories to new ECM platforms. Conversions are provided in a secure lab environment on dedicated conversion hardware and software.

Our staff has over 50 years of experience in this industry with a focus on data migration. We specialize in the conversion of disparate legacy systems, image and COLD formats as well as media platforms – such as optical platters and tape. Each customer’s conversion requirements are unique, that’s why our highly skilled staff provides custom solutions to these complex and demanding problems. 4matix is a unique company in that we do not provide any other service or product outside of data migration. We have a unique niche in the marketplace and can expand the offerings of software companies, VARS, systems integrators and consultants.

About All Star Software Systems:

To be your organization’s most valued systems integration partner by accelerating your business processes through unparalleled, best-in-class and cost-effective software and services.

All Star provides solutions that automate business processes.  Our solutions capture inbound information (paper, fax, email, EDI, XML, edocs, eForms etc), extract pertinent data (thus eliminating data entry into line of business systems), allow users to retrieve the information in seconds and automate the approval and exception processing of that information.

  Please visit our Global360 Conversion page for additional information.

David Blackburn
VP Sales