4matix Converts FileNet Image Services to OnBase – with Annotations

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Source System:               FileNet Image Services (IS – Optical – ANNOTATIONS)
Target System:                Hyland’s OnBase (On Premise)

4matix partners with Nationwide OnBase Reseller to Convert legacy FileNet 12 and 5 1/4″ Optical Data to OnBase

A long term partner and OnBase reseller reached out to 4matix for help migrating their customer’s legacy FileNet system (with annotations) to their on-premise OnBase system.  The FileNet system was old and utilized optical technology for document storage (OSAR).  Difficult and expensive to maintain,  and not inline with the State’s ECM strategy, it needed replacing.

This engagement required the conversion of documents less than 20 years old and had to include their FileNet annotations.  Annotation data was an integral part of the Health Record and had to be maintained.  4matix provided the reseller details about the FileNet indexing structures (document classes and indexes) so that reciprocal containers could be created in OnBase.  In addition to providing the indexing structure of the legacy FileNet system – 4matix also listed, counted and defined all the annotation data in FileNet so the end user could understand what was being converted and how it would be stored and displayed in OnBase.

After a successful Data Interchange Test – 4maitx converted the legacy tranlog optical platters (12 and 5 1/4″) and delivered the over 4M documents to the reseller for ingestion into OnBase. In all the project lasted about eight weeks including testing, production and validation.

If you’re migrating a legacy FileNet system and need to maintain your annotation data – give us a call – we can help!

4matix Contact:

David Blackburn
VP Sales

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