Top 50 Bank Migrates Unisys InfoImage (Centera) to FileNet P8 – with Annotations

Source System:              Unisys InfoImage – utilizing Centera Storage
Target System:               FileNet P8

4matix Contracted directly with a Bank to Migrate their Unisys InfoImage Documents and Annotations to FileNet P8

4matix was approached by a large Bank to assist them in moving their legacy Unisys InfoImage data to their new standard Content Management System – FileNet P8.  Critical to the migration was the ability to convert the Unisys annotation data and write out FileNet P8 annotations.  Documents were heavily annotated with note and user/timestamp data in a variety of purposeful colors.

The customer needed to move over live annotations maintaining location and color information.  Burning in annotations and delivering multiple documents is something we would never recommend and it was something the Bank certainly was not interested in.  4matix used their proprietary migration and workflow tools to convert the legacy Unisys annotation data and write corresponding live FileNet P8 annotations.  Documents were delivered as multi-page TIFF files and were accompanied with indexing and FileNet P8 XML annotation data.

The Unisys data was stored in an EMC Centera environment so we had to extract the underlying DS and DV files from Centera Clips.   The conversion was for 2.2TB’s of legacy data and was all successfully delivered and imported into the Bank’s FileNet system.

If you’re looking to replace your Unisys InfoImage system or if you need to migrate legacy annotations to a new ECM environment – send us a message – we can absolutely help.

4matix Contact:

David Blackburn
VP Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

About 4matix:

4matix is an industry-leading provider of ECM data conversions. They provide conversions from large document imaging and COLD repositories to new ECM platforms. Their staff has over 60 years of experience in this industry with a focus on data migration.  They have a unique niche in the marketplace and can expand the offerings of software companies, VARS, SIs and consultants.  Further – they offer end users the ability to consolidate repositories across the enterprise, deal with Mergers and Divestitures as well as sunset legacy unsupported platforms.

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