FileNet Conversions and Migrations!

//FileNet Conversions and Migrations!
FileNet Conversions and Migrations!2022-03-31T11:55:54-04:00

Replacing FileNet?  Need to migrate your FileNet data to another Repository?  Moving FileNet to AWS – Azure or SharePoint? Sitting on old Optical platters?  We can Help!

FileNet Conversion Success Stories!

  • Service Offering:

    • Pre-Conversion Analysis – Document Class and Index structural definitions
    • Image and COLD conversion
    • Delivery of single or multi-page TIFF
    • Annotation migration
    • Turnkey import ready delivery
    • MSAR Extraction
    • Optical Extraction
    • Full project accounting and reconciliation
4matix Wins 6.5 TB FileNet Extraction
4matix Converts FileNet Optical to OnBase


FileNet conversions are a specialty at 4matix. We have developed specific tools and processes to perform large migrations and have a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully convert large complex FileNet systems to other ECM environments. Our FileNet experience is extensive and includes understanding:

  • The FileNet optical/MSAR format
  • Image and object types
  • Annotations
  • COLD compression
  • PERM database
  • Doctaba SQL databases
  • other specific FileNet nuances

Not only can we convert FileNet system data – we also convert data from FileNet based systems such as Sovera, Miria and certain versions of Unisys InfoImage. (We can convert all Unisys systems – only some are based on FileNet Image Services)

4matix has an engineering and operations staff with extensive FileNet conversion experience – dating back to the early 90’s.  We specializes in large data migrations and have been instrumental in providing such conversions for some of the country’s largest companies and Government organizations. Working directly with 4matix will allow you to make a smoother transition from FileNet to your new ECM platform.

Tell us about your project.


We provide custom conversion solutions for our customers.  Our tools, methodologies, workflows and testing verification processes can be modularly added into any job. We routinely handle requests such as:

  • Custom indexing
  • Database lookups
  • Rules based delivery
  • Single or multi-page TIFF
  • PDF
  • Custom batch sizing
  • Database sorting
  • Disk family / document class sorting
  • Annotations

These custom delivery options combined with our reconciliation / verification process makes for a smoother transition from FileNet to your new ECM solution – either premise or Cloud based.


The 4matix solution provides the following:

  1. Customized delivery for your new ECM environment (document, indexes and annotation formats)
  2. Dedicated Project Manager to work with you or your new provider
  3. Measured delivery milestones
  4. Limited use of customer’s Data Center and network resources

Our conversion approach will speed up your FileNet replacement while additionally lowering overall costs and risks.

Treat your data like your business depends on it – WE DO!
Please give us a call at 724.457.1886 or email us at to discuss your conversion requirements.